Financial Planning that Addresses All the Elements® of your Life.

How We Work

Holistic financial planning. Tax planning. Estate planning. Investment management. All in one firm.

It’s time to move from a 90+ page “financial plan” to holistic, proactive, constant financial planning. “The Plan” to “Planning”.

For too long, financial planning has consisted of advisors giving 90+ page “financial plans” to clients that project their supposed likelihood of retiring comfortably. These plans are long, rarely actionable, and (frankly) exhausting.

You’re busy. You don’t have the time to look at “the plan” and wade through a novel about what your financial life will supposedly look like in 30 years. Plus, how does “the plan” hold up when tested against unexpected life events (having kids, COVID-19, career pivots) that make “the plan” all but worthless?

At Frame Wealth Management, we’ve moved from “the plan” to “Planning.”

By taking an Elements® approach to financial planning, we’re able to see where you are now, plan where you need to go in order to accomplish your goals, all the while constantly course correcting as life twists and turns.

And you get to be an active participant in this journey, as you’ll hold the Elements® in your pocket via an easy-to-use and intuitive app.

It’s an ultra-modern approach to financial planning, one greatly different than 90+ page financial plans that have historically held little value to clients.

Here’s How the Approach Works:

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Assess Your Current Financial Health

Elements® is a set of financial indicators that give us an overall view of where you are now in the key areas of your financial health. These measurements help us to answer questions like:

Are you taking the right amount of risk?

We’ll examine your Equity Rate, Estate Status, and Insurance Rate.

Are you using your income wisely?

Let’s put your Savings Rate, Burn Rate, Debt Rate, and Tax Rate under the microscope.

Do you have the right mix of assets?

We’ll examine your Liquid Term, Qualified Term, Real Estate Term, and, for business owners, Business Term.

How much wealth do you need to make work optional?

This is why many of you are here after all. Let’s map out a route to a place where work is optional for you.

Organize, Analyze, Decide, and Act in Four Easy Steps



Together, we’ll gather and organize your financial information upfront.

Then, our app will help keep your data up-to-date with prompts when things get stale. 



We’ll regularly analyze your financial health scores to identify ways to help you improve.

And each month we’ll deliver a report through our app that highlights all the progress you’ve made.



We’ll use your performance summary and progress report to help you decide if any adjustments should be made to your plan.

We’ll share recommendations with you by email, Zoom video meetings, or phone.




I’m passionate about helping legacy-minded families create
actionable financial plans that don’t give them a headache (or end up in a desk drawer, ignored).
As Frame Wealth Management was coming into being, I didn’t want to just be another person who called themselves a
“financial advisor”, I wanted to walk the walk. So, I studied and earned my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation as well as my CPWA® designation – two of the most respected designations in the financial services industry. Now I help guide my clients to build a strong foundation and to create a
proactive strategy that allows them to live into their true values.

Gabriel Katzner

Build a One-Page Actionable Financial Plan

At Frame Wealth Management, we believe that financial planning should be an ongoing process. As we identify and make progress towards the things that are important to you and the goals you want to achieve, Elements® helps us understand and track that progress, making sure we’re doing so in a healthy way.

By measuring and tracking these areas of your financial health, we can quickly see where adjustments need to be made, allowing us to be more decisive and deliver recommendations proactively. It’s a beautiful and virtuous cycle.

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Getting Started

You’ll start by downloading the Elements® mobile app and we’ll work together adding your financial accounts and other financial information. After your profile is complete, we’ll assess how you’re doing and start creating a one-page plan of action with you. Once we’ve taken care of the important and urgent things up front, we’ll engage with you at least quarterly to track your progress toward increasing your net worth and accomplishing your goals. You can also expect to receive monthly progress reports from us on the different Elements® of your financial life.

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