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Male designer and leather tailor working at a factory
Small Business
Gabriel Katzner

Options to Increase Small Business Cash Flow

You started a small business and now you are having problems with cash flow. It’s great that your business is growing so fast! Many small business owners take out loans

Franchise Growth Corporate Business Branch Retail Concept
Small Business
Gabriel Katzner

Should You Buy a Franchise?

Many people want the autonomy, status, and earning potential associated with owning their own business, but are afraid they lack the necessary skills or education to succeed. Buying a franchise

Beautiful curly brunette dark-skinned fashion designer poses in office, leans on table. Young lady
Small Business
Leann Poston

11 Financial Tips for the Self-Employed

COVID-19 has led to huge shifts in how work is done in the United States and worldwide. Some employees work entirely onsite; others are hybrid or work from home. Over