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Leann Poston

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

Omar and Li are both 67 years old. They own a beautiful three-bedroom home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Their three children all live at least two hours away, but

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Marriage and Family
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Preparing for a Divorce: Financially

No one wants to think about getting divorced, so the idea of planning for it seems distasteful. But aside from planning for custody of your children, your finances are the

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Marriage and Family
Leann Poston

Maximizing Your Employee Benefits

Salary is the primary employee benefit to consider when searching for a new job. A great salary can sometimes compensate for mediocre benefits. Employee benefits are indirect, non-cash compensation. Both

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The Worst Kinds of Debt to Have

Debts of any kind can damage your credit, especially if you are unable to make the payments. However, some types of debt rank higher as far as their potential to

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Should you Invest in Commodities?

Investing in commodities may not have the same luster as investing in the newest tech offering, but commodities can help minimize the volatility of your portfolio, hedge against inflation, and

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Small Business
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11 Financial Tips for the Self-Employed

COVID-19 has led to huge shifts in how work is done in the United States and worldwide. Some employees work entirely onsite; others are hybrid or work from home. Over

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What are Health Savings Accounts?

Health savings accounts are a great way to set aside money pre-tax to pay for your medical expenses. They are like personal savings accounts, but they are designated for one

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Leann Poston

Top 7 Life Insurance Questions

Determining your insurance needs is a part of a comprehensive financial plan. As you are considering your finances, you may have life insurance questions. 1. Do you make money from