How Frame Wealth Management Came to Be.

Our Story

I began my legal career in 2002 and, after some time in “BigLaw”, founded Katzner Law Group, an estate planning law firm serving New York and California clients. As an estate planning attorney, I have had the privilege to quickly build deep relationships with my clients.

I get to talk to them about what their unique values are, understand their goals and financial situation, become intimate with their family dynamics – and then take all of this information and use it to help them create a plan to use their wealth in a way that leaves a legacy.

It’s work that is personally rewarding beyond measure.

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However, over time, I started noticing two things that made me realize
I wanted to do more for my clients:

The Short-Term Nature of Estate Planning & My Desire to Build Lifetime Relationships

I have had wonderful experiences working with my estate planning clients. We build deep connections. Unfortunately, the nature of estate planning is short-lived. After a 2-3 month project, we’d disappear from each other’s lives.

One day we’re working through their deepest concerns for their loved ones, what their dreams are for their spouse and children in the future should they no longer be around, how best to tackle some very complex financial and tax situations, and then they sign their estate plan and “poof” they’re gone.

These are clients with whom I woke up every day feeling blessed to have built the personal and professional connections we did during our work together – and I had a deep desire to maintain these relationships and continually work with them to achieve their goals.

The Questionable Financial Planning Advice My Clients Were Receiving

My clients needed to receive solid and actionable financial planning advice from their financial advisors – and that wasn’t happening. They were being sold products. They were given robo-advice that wasn’t in any way a fit for them.

They were dealing with sales folk, as opposed to accredited financial professionals. They were finding themselves in less-than-ideal financial situations when it came time to put together their estate plans.

Massive tax, estate, and other planning opportunities needed to be included, and they were being ignored. I saw this time and again, often too late to do anything to fix the oversight, and it was distressing to see clients I had grown close to face this type of mistreatment.

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How Frame Wealth Management Solves the Problem

Frame Wealth Management provides clients the opportunity to remedy this situation and to tackle their finances in a different, better way. Our firm focuses on the following as we build Elements® based financial plans for our clients:


I put a lot of my heart into my work, always have. I demand of myself that I offer clients of Frame Wealth Management the best possible service. I participated in intensive education to study for and pass two of the strictest licensing examinations the financial industry has available. Now, after years of intense study, I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and a CPWA® professional.

CFP Board owns the marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and CFP® (with plaque design) in the U.S.


Too many advisors lead with investing. Admittedly, investing performance is extremely important, but we refuse to hinge 100% of our value on “market timing” or “stock picking.”

Instead, we lead with advice.

We focus on every element of your financial life and structure everything from cash flow to tax strategy to (yes) investments to work together using science-backed research. Click here to learn more about our research and science-backed approach to investing.

Our Approach

We Are A Fiduciary, Fee-Only Firm, Located In New York, NY and San Diego, CA Serving Clients Across The Country

Sophisticated Yet Actionable Financial Planning

I promised myself when I launched Frame Wealth Management that 90+ page financial plans would be a thing of the past. Instead, we take an Elements® approach to financial planning. I think you’ll be blown away with the approach, the software, how easy it is to actually implement into your day to day life (as opposed to 90+ page supposed financial plans you won’t ever look at), and the impact it will have on both your financial life and our ability to do high-level financial planning for you.

Taxes Matter

This is something we understand at its core and practice every day. The truth is that not much has a more significant impact on your wealth and wealth accumulation than taxes. With a focus on tax strategy, we put our experience to work to save you real money – day to day, month to month, and year to year.

Estate Planning Matters During Life Just as Much as at Death

Having founded and built one of the most well-respected estate planning law firms check out our Google reviews, and having worked with clients that have complex planning needs across the board, we won’t be like most financial planners who tell you to “go get a Will” and think they’ve done their job as advisors. That’s not leading with advice, that’s a joke.

As few advisors do, we understand the role that estate planning must play in financial planning. We know the massive opportunities it presents, and plan accordingly!


It’s time to move from a 90+ page ‘financial plan’ to holistic, proactive, constant financial planning. ‘The Plan’ to ‘Planning.’ With our Elements® approach, we see where you are, plan your goals, and constantly course correct as life twists and turns. You become an active participant, holding Elements® in your pocket through our easy-to-use and intuitive app.

Gabriel Katzner

Hi, I’m Gabriel. I'd love to tell you about myself on a more personal level.

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When I’m Working…

I’m passionate about helping legacy-minded families create actionable financial plans that don’t give them a headache (or end up in a desk drawer, ignored).

As Frame Wealth Management was coming into being, I didn’t want to just be another person who called themselves a “financial advisor”, I wanted to walk the walk. So, I studied and earned my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation as well as my CPWA® designation – two of the most respected designations in the financial services industry. Now I help guide my clients to build a strong foundation and to create a proactive strategy that allows them to live into their true values.

When I’m Not Working…

I love to coach sports, football in particular. Here’s a picture of our team after winning the Spring 2023 5th / 6th grade flag football championship (that’s me in the NY Mets hat standing next to my son, Owen)!

I didn’t coach her team but I’d be remiss if I didn’t post a picture of Lila, who’s a soccer player through and through, after getting her teams runner-up medal in the Summer 2023 3rd / 4th grade flag football championship. She’s following in her big brother’s footsteps and she wanted me to tell those reading this that she plans on winning the championship this upcoming fall season!


My wife, Olivia, and I love to travel with Owen and Lila. Here are some pictures from our long awaited family trip to spend time with Olivia’s parents in South Korea. Covid made us put this trip on the back burner for several years and it was a wonderful experience to finally get back to Korea and spend time with family.

We also spent some vacation time in Japan

I can’t believe that I’m already the dad of a 6th grader in middle school. Here’s a picture of Owen taken at his graduation. …and he’s off to middle school!

So, you can hopefully see that when I’m not working I’m a pretty normal, though busy as are all of us parents, guy. One who loves coaching sports, travel, spending time with family, and just curling up with a good book. I like to say I put a lot of heart into my work, both professionally and personally, and I hope this section of the website gives you a small taste of that.

Oh, one last thing, our Italian water dog, Penny, wants to say hi…

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